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January = Recruitment (January 2005) - The Life & Times of MTM - the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

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March 5th, 2005

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10:32 am - January = Recruitment (January 2005)
Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment!!!

Case now holds Formal Recruitment in the winter (there is a history of bouncing back and forth between fall and winter - this year was the 2nd one for winter this go around).

As a club, we emailed all the ZU alums to keep them in the loop. We also posted info about recruitment events, times and attire on our public website. http://axoalummtm.org/rush.html

We sent out a blanket request for alumnae help with a mock recruitment session held on Thursday 1/20.

Because there are 4 local AXO alumnae groups in Cleveland, each one in charge of one of the 4 recruitment events, and because so few of our members live in the Cleveland area, we volunteered to sponsor 2 Sisterhood Events – one Saturday 1/22 and the other Friday 1/28. Thank you to Kelly and Lisa for being the alums in charge at these events! Saturday was pizza night (in the middle of a blizzard) and Friday was snacks and soda/pop – we also sent in old AXO stuff we alums had to share with the collegians – t-shirts, stuffed animals, stickers, etc. – that they used for door prizes that 2nd sisterhood event – and art supplies for making signs and things for the new members.

Our members also mailed cards and notes to the house and sent encouraging emails to the VP-Fraternity Relations to share with all the sisters.

Non-Recruitment related activities

We posted information about AXO Foundation Scholarships – with the forms and deadline. Many of the scholarships awarded go to graduate students so we specifically sent the information and forms to our alums who are in school.

We received a nice thank you from the chapter for the pencils.

And we solicited advice for the new VP-Education from our members specifically those who had held the job previously.

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