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March 2005 activities - The Life & Times of MTM - the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

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April 22nd, 2005

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08:58 pm - March 2005 activities
*We celebrated Hera Day 3/1, Alpha Chi Omega’s National Day of Service to Others http://www.livejournal.com/community/mtm_axo/6422.html

*Nikki launched the book club blog 3/1 http://mtmaxobookclub.blogspot.com/

*Leila compiled a brief history of all the places Zeta Upsilon chapter has called home – at the request of the New Member Educator - to share with the new members (a copy is posted on the private site).

*We celebrated International Badge Day 3/7 http://www.npcwomen.org with a post on our site and some interesting information from Vicky Harrison, Alpha Chi Omega’s National Archivist:

“The stones in our pin must be diamonds or pearls and there must be at least three (each upper outer corner and the center just below the scroll. In the beginning, the badges were member choice on size, how many stones, and what kinds. In 1906, an official die was ordered and the standard size as we know it was adopted. No reason for the 22 pearls. They just fit the design.

There are no rules governing placement of guard, accompanying fraternity pins, etc., but you will usually see the dangles and guards lower.

The new member stickpin was designed so the badge could be added to it at 2nd degree. It was an effort to get rid of the pledge (inferior person) concept. So instead of giving up your pledge pin after you earned your badge, you instead receive the first part and then the second part.

Neal Armstrong's first wife is an Alpha Chi from Purdue. We did have them in a Lyre article once, but there is no lyre badge on the moon. There is no badge in the Smithsonian. At one time, the jeweler ran the "prettiest badge" contest. The lyre supposedly won and the story started that it was on display in the Smithsonian. [2 big myths dispelled there!!]”

*We celebrated International Women’s Day 3/8 with a quiz from http://www.internationalwomensday.com/

*3/16 Karen posted a stack of photos from 1998-2000

*3/19 we were invited to attend AXO Formal to be held 4/1 at the Cleveland Athletic Club.

*3/28 our first book chat – it did not go perfectly (same issues with chat platforms that we experienced with our exec board meeting in February) but overall it was a good start. We posted the transcript and have open discussion threads on the blog.

*During March, there was also a lot of behind the scenes exec board work – getting projects organized – we found someone to help with our website – then 2 weeks later found out he couldn’t. Nikki talked with the Center for Women staff at Case about working together with them on some projects.

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