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our April 2005 MTM activities - The Life & Times of MTM - the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

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May 15th, 2005

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01:06 pm - our April 2005 MTM activities
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month so we kicked off the month with a posting http://www.livejournal.com/community/mtm_axo/7126.html that took on a life of its own and ended up being cross-posted on a number of communities and individual user blogs. I was really pleased the message had a positive impact.

Greek Week at Case was the first weekend in April – we sent individual good luck emails to the chapter, posted old photos and old variety show lyrics on our private site, then said Hurrah when AXO took 2nd place!! It was great seeing photos from this year’s events – thank you Kristina for help with the captions!

Heather (our PR guru) and I had a phone chat to map out the MTM summer newsletter.

We hatched a plan to match up our ZU full-time graduate students with MTM members who could send them good luck notes and care packages during finals week. Since finals time runs from late April through mid-June (many schools are represented, Arizona State University, Boston University, Stanford, UC-San Diego, Northwestern, University of Cincinnati, Case, SUNY-Stony Brook, Columbia, Brooklyn College, Georgetown, Rochester, MIT, Vanderbilt, and the University of North Carolina) we don’t know how the project is working out yet but hopefully it will be a success! It would be great to expand it to include the part-time students, since their lives are especially busy, working and going to school at the same time. This effort is part of our greater goal of supporting the academic achievements and endeavors of our sisters.

Nikki posted a poll about instant messenger platforms – which we use – to help us figure out the best and easiest chat rooms to meet in.

We welcomed the seniors as new alums – inviting them (the evening of their Hall of Commitment ceremony) to our private site at myfamily.com and sending each one an e-booklet to help with the transition from their collegiate years to the rest of their lives. A summary of that booklet is posted http://www.livejournal.com/users/amzmtm/4023.html. We also posted a list of all the new alums’ names and addresses on the private site and hope to have photos and bios to share soon as a means of introducing our newest alums to the rest of the group.

Christine Gosen, a ZU senior, was featured in April’s monthly Case alumni e-newsletter http://www.case.edu/alumni/news/alumnews.html - a great article with a photo and mention of her Alpha Chi Omega activities! Congratulations, Christine!

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