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Our July 2005 activities - The Life & Times of MTM - the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

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August 11th, 2005

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01:08 pm - Our July 2005 activities
Our summer 2005 newsletter was completed and mailed out – thank you to our PR Guru, Heather ZU ’93!!

Thank you to Candice and Liz for the photo and caption from the July 8th all-AXO picnic at the house; and to Karen ZU ’98 of the photo of her and her big sister Cat ZU ’98 at the Chicago wedding of a Case classmate.

We announced MTM’s new public website to our members. http://axomtm.squarespace.com

The chapter had an extra piano at the house so we advertised one for sale to our members.

An update on MTM was published in the summer issue of The Lyre as well as a mention of Sarah ZU ‘95’s wedding.

Dues billing was sent out via email by CIAO. Thank you Alison!

The book club discussed its fourth selection The Time Traveler’s Wife July 26th.

The collegiate chapter invited us to a Welcome Back BBQ at the House August 27th.

We announced three Alpha Chi Omega job openings (house director at Alpha chapter, resident consultant for the University of San Diego chapter, and Leadership Mentor for the Northeast) and posted job descriptions on the private site.

Heather, the ZU Chapter Advisor, sent an update on the house, including the hiring of a new house director and cook and details of renovations underway this summer. She also announced she has a co-chapter advisor Amy. Welcome, Amy & thank you, Heather!

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