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December activities and the Post & Win contest results (Dec 2004) - The Life & Times of MTM - the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

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February 28th, 2005

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07:22 am - December activities and the Post & Win contest results (Dec 2004)
Despite the fact that we were all busy with our holiday preparations, December was an active month for us.

The collegians elected a new executive board - we thought about what we could do to congratulate them.

We posted a revised version of our alumnae address directory on our private site.

The Post & Win contest turned out to be a good experiment. During the 5 weeks, sisters posted 18 items about themselves. Because it went so well we decided to give 2 runners-up prizes (in addition to our grand prize). Congratulations to the winners – Lynn, our grand prize winner, who posted her new home announcement, and Gretchen & Sheri, our runners-up, who had coincidentally both posted photos of their weddings. They all (also independently) chose gift certificates from amazon.com (the runners-up were offered $10 gift certificates for either blockbuster, the photo finisher of their choice or amazon). Because it went so well, we thought we'd run the contest as an annual event.

The best part of the contest of course was seeing and hearing everyone's news and photos! Also the contest created some great momentum for us - there were lots more postings through the end of December, into January and now! (2/28/05)

Our printed finals week pencils began their journey to Cleveland. What should have been a 2-day priority mail delivery turned out to be over a week, but they did arrive - though most of the sisters did not get to enjoy them until January. Live and learn!!

We welcomed the one ZU senior who graduated in December by posting her photo and a short bio on our private site. Congratulations Jennifer!!

Nikki suggested we start a book club and volunteered to be in charge.

The Winter Lyre (AXO's National quarterly magazine) came out – our article and photo (from the Installation) were included.

And we wished everyone happy holidays and a wonderful new year!

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