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Our June 2005 activities - The Life & Times of MTM - the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

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August 11th, 2005

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01:01 pm - Our June 2005 activities
The academic year was winding down but the philanthropy committee was working overtime.

Race for the Cure
We unveiled our plans to participate nationwide in the Susan J. Komen Race for the Cure this year and learned that not 2 but 3 of our members were out representing us June 4th - Leila and Nikki in the National Race for the Cure in Washington DC as part of the Alpha Chis for Alice team and Christine in the Madison, WI Race for the Cure. Thank you Leila, Nikki and Christine for the photos and reports!

We updated the "Other Projects" philanthropy page to be specifically about the Race for the Cure, and encouraged our members to see when their local events are and sign up.

DVA website pages
We expanded the philanthropy section on our website to include a number of ways to provide support to domestic violence shelters and survivors, including 60 Seconds for DVA (help you can provide in 1 minute!), Shop for DVA and Music for DVA. http://axomtm.squarespace.com/dva-projects/

We shared the lovely flash presentation created by Alpha Chi Omega Foundation in honor of the Symphony with all our members https://ssl9.chi.us.securedata.net/pursuant2.com/alphachiomega/axoselect/flashstory.asp?tpgid=0&sn=1

We congratulated Lisa ZU ’86 and Carole ZU ’88 on their engagements; Lynette ZU ’88 and her family on their impending move to Cleveland; and Victoria ZU ‘01 on her graduation summa cum laude from Temple University.

We congratulated Beckie ZU ‘98 on the birth of her son, Jen ZU ’95 on the birth of her daughter and Lynn ZU ’93 on the birth her son; and thanked them all for the photos as well as Summyr ZU ’84 for the photos of her daughter.

The collegiates invited us all to an all-AXO picnic at the House July 8th.

And for the second time in 3 months an Alpha Chi was featured in the Alum news e-newsletter distributed by the Case Office of Alumni Affairs. This time Rahila ZU ’95 was pictured.

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