The Life & Times of MTM - the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

the first virtual alum club of Alpha Chi Omega

Mu Tau Mu of Alpha Chi Omega
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This is a record of the creation and on-going development of Mu Tau Mu alumnae chapter of Alpha Chi Omega. We are the first "virtual" alumnae chapter so hopefully posting all this will be helpful to other such groups that are chartered in the future, as well as to us in keeping all our members up-to-date on the whole process and our activities.

What is a virtual alumnae chapter? Because we (the ZU alums) are spread out all over the country, we can't be a traditional location-based alumnae chapter. A VIRTUAL chapter keeps in touch and does projects together over the internet. We don't have traditional meetings (instead we meet in chat-rooms!), but we do have a budget to expand our websites, do things for the collegians and/or the chapter as a whole, set aside seed money for reunions, participate in fundraising and philanthropies. We are working hard to create a sense of community across the miles that separate us - and this blog is just one piece of that effort. We have a public website http://axoalummtm.org and a private site at http://www.myfamily.com as well as email subscription lists for our MTM members and all ZU alums.

We started the process in March or April 2004 - I am going to go back to the beginning and try to post once a week or more starting then and working forward until I am caught up to the present time. Occasionally there will be glimpses of what is going on real time - if exciting things happen. Once we are caught up it will all be real time of course!

Mu Tau Mu is made up primarily of alumnae of Case Western Reserve University, Zeta Upsilon chapter.